New Sugar Scrubs

Good afternoon!

Our sugar scrub bars have been so popular that we’ve added to our range and now have 9 different fragrances for you to pick from, even one for the men!

These wonderful little scrubby bars make dry skin a thing of the past!

Take one in to the bath or shower and lightly rub it over warm, damp skin. The Cocoa Butter and Sugar mix will start to melt on to your skin. Pop the bar away out of direct contact with water and work the mixture into your skin with your hands. The sugar will gently exfoliate and scrub away any dead skin.

Lightly rinse and step out feeling super silky smooth! It’s as simple as that! You wont even need moisturiser afterwards!

Only £1.95 each. These would make a great gift or why not treat yourself!

Rachel x


Hair Accessories

Good morning!

I’m really pleased that my range of hair accessories have been selling really well. Did you know you can have them made up in most of the fabrics I have in stock?

I’ve carefully selected the best fabrics from my range that will give you the full effect of the pattern print.

My hair accessories are stylish and every girl needs one!

Take a look at the reviews i’ve had so far about them, they are amazing!

If you need to ask me anything about them please send me an email and I will get straight back to you.

Have a great day!

Rachel x

East Of India Products

Good morning!

We are really pleased that we have been accepted to sell East of India products on our website.

We will be adding to our collection over the next few months. There’s a great range to pick from, baby products, key rings, mugs and much more.

You’ll find all of these products in our Other Gifts section.

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter as we’ll be launching our Christmas products throughout September and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of these.

Have a great day……..Rachel x