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LIWL Baby Vest

Happy Monday! Another week gone by, that’s been filled with glorious sunshine……I’ve actually managed to get a tan for once ?❤️ I have to admit, I’ve spent the whole weekend relaxing and it’s been lovely.

So this week I’m launching my new baby vest range, I’ve just put the listing live on my website so you’re the very first to see it before I advertise it on my page. Once I see how this range goes, I may add a few other bits to it, but first I’ll see what my lovely customers think of it. I do love that so many of my customers love my LIWL branded clothing range and it’s lovely to see those who order keep coming back to order more. How cool would it be to maybe one day start seeing lots of customers wearing my clothing range? So I’m guessing you want to know what quotes have been added to my baby vest range? Here’s the direct link for you to take a look https://www.littleideaswithlove.co.uk/product/liwl-baby-vest-2/

I’ve added 3 different colours, as the orders come in I’ll take photos of the pink and blue vests, the styles the same as the white one and the blue and pink are pastel colour, they are really gorgeous. Depending on the colour of vest will depend on the colour the writing will be printed in.


Id just like to thank everyone who reads my Monday blog and also visits the website as every visitor helps my website be seen even more and I’m so grateful to you all.

I hope you all have a sparkly week and please stay safe!





A Week Of Taking Photos

Happy Monday, are we on week 5 of lockdown now? I don’t know about you, but it feels normal to me being at home and not really leaving, well to be honest it’s 6 weeks since I left the house!

Anyway, let’s brighten your evening with what’s happening here at LIWL HQ this week…….it’s all about photos for the website. I’ve just had an order from MD Laser Works, you can find them on Facebook and Instagram. I can get on with taking new photos as they’ve cut me lots of words out, in red sparkle of course. So every night this week I’ll edit my photos and resize them and add them to the website, I enjoy taking photos of my wax and I hope you’ll love the new look too. It’ll take me most of the week as I’ve a lot to do, then once I’ve added the new photos to each scent category, I’ll then make a start on taking photos of each scent I do to then add it to all the correct listings. I’ve been wanting to do this since before Christmas, but then changed my mind on how I wanted my photos to look and tweaked a few things and then today the rest of my order arrived, so this afternoon I made a start taking photos. I’ve already uploaded one did you spot it?

Over the years of my website going live I’ve learnt a lot about photos and how to add them. Would you believe me if I told you when my web designer first built my website I couldn’t even put a product on, never mind add or edit a photo! I’ve always wanted to be able to add to my website, so he showed me a few basic steps and the rest I learnt with trying things out. Sometimes things just didn’t work and even now I sometimes do something and it goes wrong, but I never give up and I learn something new everyday.


Im also going to start teaching myself on how to use my photoshop and phone camera to my best advantage. I’ve started watching a few YouTube videos to give me some tips, but to be honest what I’ve managed to do so far has been through just having a go at things and clicking buttons and seeing what they do. I’ve been able to turn this photo on this blog from full colour to black and white with just showing the colour from my red lettering and the red decoration on my wax, I removed the main colour which was pink from my brittle piece. A month ago I wouldn’t have been able to do this. I’ve a lot to learn, but I love learning new things and I can’t wait to share over the coming weeks some of my new skills.

Being in lockdown gives you more time to think and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and writing notes down of the changes I want to make too.  I’m excited what’s going to be happening over the next coming months and I can’t wait to share with you all too. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll find out what’s happening before anyone else, as I’ll use this blog to keep you all informed.

I’d just like to thank everyone of you who actually takes time to read my Monday blog and also to those of you who leave a comment too. Honestly if someone had said to me over 5 years ago that I’d start writing blogs on my website I’d have laughed at them. I’ve never been one for writing and my grammar and spelling isn’t 100% but it’s wrote from the heart and I believe that’s better than anything.

I hope you all have an amazing sparkly night and week and please keep safe and stay at home.

Happy melting everyone!




Week Four Of Lockdown

Good evening!

How are we all holding up?

I can’t believe another weeks gone and we are heading into week 4 of lockdown. So this week we’ve had Easter, did you get many eggs? We replaced our ones we’d already eaten, but then ate them again before good Friday lol ? oh well it doesn’t matter as everyday now is a little mixed up and to be honest everyday feels like a weekend to me……do you feel the same?

I never thought that I’d be writing about lockdown on my blog, I mean who could have ever thought the the whole world would be on lockdown and effected by a virus? I watch the news daily, I like to be kept up to date with what’s happening and if they make any changes. One thing I know for sure is that we’ll be in lockdown for the rest of April and it won’t surprise me if all of Mays in lockdown and some of June. I’d rather us stay in lockdown longer so that we don’t have a repeat of what’s happening again say a month or so down the line. I know that the virus will be around forever, but if it’s controlled then it’ll help the NHS staff massively and keep us much safer.

So as we head into another week, this is officially our last week of the Easter holidays, even though everyday feels like a holiday at the moment lol. So this week I’m going to take a couple of days off so I can spend time with my youngest and get ready for home schooling the following week. I rather like home schooling, but I’ll be happy once schools reopen as not only does Alfie’s school give him the confidence to shine bright, he’s also missing his friends and socialising. I never actually thought I’d ever say this, but thank goodness for PlayStations and xboxes as it’s been a way Alfie’s been able to chat with his friends and also play on line together too.

Is anyone like me? Can’t stop opening the fridge door lol ? this week I’m going to be good (she says after just eating 2 chocolate biscuits) ? no seriously I’m going to exercise every day this week, I’m starting with Joe Wicks again, I need to get moving more. I’d love to run, but I feel safe staying home and even though I’m allowed to go running, when you’ve not left where you live for over 3 weeks, it’s feels odd trying to go out. I might run in the garden, I’ve seen many on social media doing this and it looks fun.

Right I think that’s enough of me going on lol. I hope you all have a beautiful sparkly week and that the days are filled with happiness.

Stay safe everyone!






How’s Everyone Doing?

Happy Monday to you all, we made it through yet another week in lockdown, so we’ll done to you all as you’re all doing amazing! How are you doing through this lockdown?


So here in Yorkshire it’s the start of our Easter holidays, I guess this year it’s going to be completely different. Last year me and my youngest went to Euro Disney so totally different Easter this year, maybe we’ll still visit Disney but through our photos and memories and printed where there?

This Easter we did have a few plans and I was going to take just over a week off from work, I guess now that’s changed a little, but I’m still going to take sometime off as I still need a break and still need to have some fun with my family. So instead of going away, we’re going to go to many different places, but through a virtual way via the internet. We’ve decided we can still have as much fun visiting different places without having to leave home. We’ll be also playing out in the garden too. We won’t be leaving home, we have been in for the last 2 weeks as there’s no need for us to leave here.

Over the last 2 weeks a few things have changed here at LIWL HQ these are just temporary changes and once things get back to normal then the few changes I’ve made will go back to normal too. So I’ve dropped posting days down to 2 days a week. Every week day I get a collection from Royal Mail, me and my postman who collects your orders have a good system in place so that we don’t have to be in the same room together when he collects. On the 2 days I post out I leave all your orders in postal bags outside my workshop window, my bar code for my postman is in this window. I also leave the daily paperwork with my post bags outside too. He comes to the window, I wave and shout hello and he scans my barcode and paperwork and takes my parcel bags away with him. We’ve always had a quick chat before, but for now we’ve stopped any contact whatsoever so keep me safe and him safe too. I feel that cutting my postage days down to 2 days a week means it’s better for my postman and me.

So this Friday brings us Good Friday and then Easter Sunday, yes I’ve eaten my egg already I bet you have too? I couldn’t wait, I’ve actually eaten loads of chocolate over the last 2 weeks, I can’t help myself lol. We’ve all actually eaten our eggs and it looks like Easter Sunday we won’t have any, unless when Richard does our shopping (as he’s the one who’s our shopper whilst this is all going on) surprises us and buys more……may just need to add them to the shopping list I’m giving him for tomorrow.

We are all keeping positive, and yes we keep smiling and laughing as it’s how we are getting through this and I’ve always said…..laughters good for the soul ? I’m also aware than many will struggle and as I’ve said before my inbox is always open to anyone, please don’t feel alone as we are all here to help each other get through this sad time.

Keep safe everyone, keep smiling, keep in touch with friends and families via video calling and remember you’re all amazing!


Sending love to everyone!