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Luxury Candles

Luxury Candles – on Friday you saw the launch of my candle range and the response was overwhelming. I released 3 scents, these were Nenico, Amethyst Rose & Citronella. How it worked they were placed on the website as pre-orders. This is because all my candles are made to order. This means once you’ve ordered it […]

Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch! There’s so many ways to keep in touch with what’s happing within my business. As social media platforms are becoming harder to be seen on, there’s many other ways we can keep in touch. Here’s a few ways you can still see what I’m doing. Newsletter, be sure to be signed up for […]


New Candle Range Coming Soon!

New candle range coming soon! Over the last few days on my social media platform, I’ve been sharing about my new soy candle range.  Each day I’ve shared information to talk about how it all happens. I’m excited after just over 4 years I’ve decided to bring my candle range back. Finding the perfect wick  Finding the […]

New Double Melt Wax Warmer

New Double Melt Wax Warmer https://www.littleideaswithlove.co.uk/product/oval-lustre-double-wax-warmer/ I’m loving the new design of wax warmer that arrived here this week at LIWL HQ…..have you seen it? I launched this on my business page Friday evening and wow it’s been very popular so far. For those who love to mix scents, this wax warmers perfect for you. It […]

Monthly Wax Subscription Box

Monthly Wax Subscription Box https://www.littleideaswithlove.co.uk/product/monthly-wax-box-subscription/ A little about how it started. Over the years our wax surprise boxes have changed. I think off the top of my head one of my very first surprise boxes I made was the Autumn of 2015. Looking back over the years on how much they’ve changed and how far […]

February News

I haven’t done a blog for a little while and I did promise myself last year I would blog weekly….but you know sometimes things get in the way, but hey ho I’m about to change that! So as where just at the start of February, I thought i’d share with you all a few things […]

New Products

Good morning! I’m sure some of you may have seen that on Boxing Day i released a new product which was, 7 Chakra Soy Wax Discs. These flew out which I did have a feeling they would, but don’t worry as each month more will be released. How it will work is once a month, […]

Christmas Closing Times

I actually can’t believe its December and Christmas is almost upon us….this years flown, but im glad in a way as its been an extremely hard year not seeing friends and family. So today i thought id just go over my Christmas closing times again as i know not al my customers are on social […]

Reviewing your purchases

Good evening! I hope you’re all well. This evening i just want to talk about reviewing your purchases . If you’re like me when I’m buying from a website I always checkout the reviews on products. Looking at others reviews good or bad gives me an insight into what people think overall of a product. […]