Back to work Tuesday

Good morning!

Tomorrow I’ll be back to work after having a week off. My first job will be to start making some stock, I’ll be making scents like Heavenly, Rhubard & Custard, Cola Cube Fizz, Just Incredible, Filthy Gorgeous, Sleepeeze Range and Just Linen. As I make them I’ll add them to stock but it’ll be done over a week as I’ve lots to catch up on too. Over the last week some of you will have spotted on my Instagram stories a few little offers, I only shared these to Instagram as I’ll switch between the 2 social media platforms whenever I have a little offer on and share in one of my stories. Stories are a great way to connect with hundreds even thousands of people who may never see your feeds. We offered 10%, 15% and then lastly free postage on wax sample boxes with 10 samples in each box.  I have a lot of followers on Instagram and picking which platform I share offers on gives me an insight as to who see’s me and on what platform which helps me massively for when I’m sharing products. I also understand not everyone’s on Instagram who buys from me and this is why sometimes when I do an offer in my stories I’ll just target Facebook rather than Instagram, so it’s always a mix.

This month I’m getting ready for Christmas, I’m currently sampling a new batch of Christmas scents, I’ve been testing most of the year, but decided to try a few others too. My range of Autumn/Winter & Christmas scents will be added to the website from September onwards, Christmas scents will be last and not added until some time in October. I’m also putting together a new gift box range, hopefully launch this September/October.

It’s just a little blog today, short and sweet, but next week I’ll be writing about something really important and I hope many of you pop over and take a read. I’ll remind everyone about it in the day it goes live as I want many to read this one.


Have a beautiful week and……happy melting!



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  1. Claire Lister
    Claire Lister says:

    Hope you have had a fab weekend charging your batteries. Really looking forward to receiving my subscription box today. I missed the offer as I’m not on Instagram but I agree, switching between the 2 platforms is a great idea. I hope it brought new addicts to you. ❤

  2. Chloe O
    Chloe O says:

    Love the offers you’ve been doing! Always try to share if I see them and switching between Instagram and facebook is a fab idea. Also I’m so excited for Christmas scents, it will be here soon enough! Cannot wait xx

  3. Gemma Evans
    Gemma Evans says:

    Lovely read, can’t believe you’re planning for Christmas already! But I guess it will come sooner than we think. Hope you’ve enjoyed your time off and had a nice rest. Xx

      • Gemma Evans
        Gemma Evans says:

        It really does come around quick, next month I’m back in work and I know it won’t be long before we’re planning Christmas events and the nativity (if we still can). I do love being organised though, I’ll probably start planning soon. Something to look forward to! xx

  4. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Hope you had a lovely week off. Ive just unwrapped my subscription box and there is one I am totally in 💘with! Thank you xx

  5. Sue K
    Sue K says:

    I’ve been told Christmas is 19 weeks away don’t seem 2 mins since the last one love the new subscription box can’t wait for the next one hope ur hand is better xx

  6. Paula Jones
    Paula Jones says:

    Hope you had a lovely week off. Can’t belive we’re talking about Christmas. What a year 2020 has been, feel like it’s not even started yet x

    • Rachel
      Rachel says:

      Who’d have thought 2020 would have happened like this? To be honest I think it’s made us all realise a lot in life. I’m looking forward to 2021 I’ve a feeling many good things are going to happen to a lot of people xx


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