Black Cherry Scoopable Wax

Black Cherry Scoopable Wax


This bad boy is ready to go and WOW is it strong!

I currently melting this upstairs to test it and I can’t believe the scent throw, its amazing. All my scoopables have a really good scent throw, but i think this one beats all the others so far. You only need a tea spoon in each burner making these great value for money. Each tin has approx 95g of wax, they are made differently to my other wax products and take longer to cure. They do sell our fast and I’m currently making stock so that i have it available all the time. The tins keep it so fresh and the longer its left the more it cures meaning the  scent throw becomes stronger.

One tin can last up to around 2 months depending on how often you melt and how often you change your fragrance. I have to say my new range of scoopables are by far my favourite wax product so far. These are really big in America and not many vendors  in the UK have these,  its all about getting the balance just right for them to work. I spent months making these, changing how i made them until i perfected it and I was 110% happy.

I’ve had the most amazing feedback ever on these and I can honestly say once you’ve tried one you will be hooked. Since last week i have been sending a small sample out with every order placed for my customers to try and everyone has messaged me saying they love them. I have 7 fragrance to pick from some are limited edition and once they have sold they wont be back. I’m currently testing Black Cherry and its upstairs in my bathroom and i can smell it drifting downstairs and i’ve had it on 5 minutes. This is a winner!

Prices are depending on the size of tin, i have a smaller tin which has around 75g of wax in for £4.45 or a larger tin which are the new size which are £4.95 each. Once stock has sold of the smaller tins there’ll just be the 95g price available.

I hope you all enjoy trying my range.




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  1. Maria
    Maria says:

    I love hearing the background to a product so i’m very excited about these scoopables! I didn’t think you could top the pods, but reading through your fragrance list the scoopable sherbet lemon is calling me. Cannot wait to see your next big idea. You’re ahead of the game Rach! X

  2. Charlotte Harrison
    Charlotte Harrison says:

    Hi Rach,
    I absolutely love your new scoopables!!
    I’ve tried two of them, Strawberry Pina colada and the Creme brulé one from July’s surprise box!! They are both absolutely gorgeous but out of the two creme brulé is my favourite. The scent throw is huge, even the next day, almost 24 hours later I could still smell it lingering.
    Highly recommend these to anybody who hasn’t tried them yet 🙂 xx

  3. Claire
    Claire says:

    I am sat here melting black cherry scoopable and I must say WOW!!!
    I absolutely love the pods in this scent and didn’t think there was any beating it…I was so wrong.
    The scoopable is amazing, really strong and the scent throw is just great.
    My “order again” list keeps on growing.
    In love with all the scoopables


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