Candle Monthly Subscription

Candle Monthly Subscription

Candle Monthly Subscription

Each month receive one of our luxury hand poured candles delivered straight to your door. Scents will change each month and some scents will be exclusive to subscribers only.

Each candle is 145g NET weight and RRP is £18.99. Some months we may release a candle thats exclusive which means you’ll get it at your set monthly price. There’s a VIP group and also be given further discount codes to use on other candles too.

Over the next 12 months there’ll be some amazing candle scents delivered to your door. some scents will be off my every day list, some will be new and some will be exclusive, the exclusive scents you’ll pay your normal monthly subscription price so it’ll be a great saving for you.

Once you’re added to our subscription group you’ll be part of our subscription community and we love for our subscribers to share what melts and candles they are using each day. There’ll be unique codes given to use from time to time and any candle subscriber will always receive an exclusive code to use off any candles we add to the website that we’ve offered in the subscriptions. There’s so many savings to be saved this year!

We now have 2 different subscription boxes and we feel now we have something to suit everyone. I’ve been offering subscription boxes now for 3 years and my customers love them, I did start months;y boxes over 6 years ago now, but over the years we’ve seen many changes to them. I cant wait for you to see what scents are available this year, its going to be an amazing 2022!


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  1. Ellen Ross
    Ellen Ross says:

    I love how you’ve come up with this new subscription box. I just know people will love this one as much as the other subscription boxes you do xx

  2. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Another subscription box. How lucky are we!! I can’t wait to have the candle subscription. Perfect for gifts and to use!! An all round win!!

  3. Kate Plummer
    Kate Plummer says:

    If this is anything like your wax monthly boxes, it will be friggin awesome!!! Your candles are a must have xxxx

  4. mariawall42
    mariawall42 says:

    I absolutely love receiving my candle subscription each month.

    Rachel’s candles are amazing and the different scents I have had over the months are fantastic.

    I would 100% recommend purchasing a candle subscription.


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