Here are some common questions and answers, designed to help make your shopping experience a smooth and happy one.

If you cannot find the help you need below, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form and we will try our best to reply within 24 hours, during working hours.

What are wax melts/tarts ?

Wax tarts are basically scented wax (candles) without a wick and all you do is melt them in a glass or ceramic burner. The tarts get heated and fill the room (or whole house) with aroma. They were originally created because chandlers (the old English term for candlemakers) were searching for something to do with their left over wax after pouring candles. Due to their “pastry tart-like” shape, they became commonly referred to as “tarts”. However, nowadays they come in many different shapes and are also called – wax melts, scent chips, candle melts, candle tarts.

Can I return an item that I am not satisfied with for a refund/exchange?

If you wish to return an item for any reason you can do so, but you must first confirm that this is possible by contacting LittleIdeasWithLove.co.uk by email.

Any goods returned to us without prior consent are sent back to you at your cost.
You must ensure that you return the item within 7 days of receiving your order. Items must be returned in a new or unused condition. We will refund the cost of the items but the shipping is non-refundable. Please be aware that returns are subject to a £1.00 charge. This is to cover the charge issued to us by bank for every refund applied for.

How long will it take you to answer my email?

We endeavour to respond to any emails we have been sent within 24 hours. Due to the large volume of emails we receive on a daily basis, a response may sometimes take a little longer to come back to you but we do answer any emails we receive as soon as possible. Please rest assured that we read every single email we receive.

How far do you deliver locally?

Within a radius of 4 miles of Riddlesden, Keighley.

Can I increase the scent for a melt?

You can control the strength of the aroma in your home depending upon how many melts you place in your burner at one time, please make sure your burner can accommodate the additonal wax.

Can I mixed different fragrances together ?

Yes, we actively encourage our customer to experiment mixing flavours.

Be creative and experiment!

Can I remove the melt to use again ?

Yes, if you want to try a different fragrance before you old one has run out , just follows these simple steps.

1 Extinguish your tea light & let your burner cool completely
2 Remove the tea light from your burner
3 Place the whole ceramic oil burner (or the glass dish on some burners) into your freezer for 10-20 minutes
4 Remove the burner from the freezer and you will see that the solid wax has “popped” off from the burner
5 Place the wax disc in a little plastic bag to keep it as fresh as possible (or discard if finished)
6 Place a new  Wax Tart in your Oil Burner and relight a tea light
7 Repeat as often as you like!

How can I remove the used wax from my burner

Either blow out and remove the tea light and allow to cool slightly and pour away or again remove the tea light from your burner, place the whole ceramic oil burner (or the glass dish on some burners) into your freezer for 10-20 minutes.
Remove the burner from the freezer and you will see that the solid wax should have “popped” off from the burner.

If not just apply gently pressure with your thumb and it will slide straight out.