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I haven’t done a blog for a little while and I did promise myself last year I would blog weekly….but you know sometimes things get in the way, but hey ho I’m about to change that!

So as where just at the start of February, I thought i’d share with you all a few things that will be coming up this month. First of all is my business birthday, can you believe i’ll be 6 years old this month? Now some of you where at the very start of my journey 6 years ago and I love that you’ve watched me grow as a business and that you’re still enjoying purchasing from me too. Since my first ever trading day so much has changed, I first started out making wax hearts, these weighed around 14g each which is the perfect amount to have in your wax warmer. Then i bought in some wax warmers so I could offer gift sets and wax starter sets too. I did decide to branch out and buy in bath products and whilst these became popular I decided to remove these after a couple of years and I wasn’t making them and even though I went on bath bomb courses, I knew it would never be something I wanted to make as i just love making the wax side of things and also my reed diffusers and room sprays and other home fragrance products. I love seeing how much I’ve grown and I hope to continue to grow fro many more years to come.

Also later this month will be the release of the 7 chakra discs, I’ve been testing the fragrance for this months and I cant wait to announce what scent I’ve selected ad I’ve really fallen in love with it already. My wax club members will get a heads up on the day these will be released, this is one of the perks of being a wax club member along with the discount codes they receive for their 12 months membership. I’ll add the link in the blog to the wax clubs so you can take a little look at all the benefits. I love seeing how much my wax club members save each year.

Also this month my Subscription members will be receiving their monthly fix of wax from me, once a month payments taken automatically from those who sign up and then I make up all the boxes and ship out. Each month they receive 4 new scents made up in wax pods, did you know that my wax pod packaging even though it looks plastic is actually made from corn starch and fully compostable. I stopped using those nasty plastic wax pods a few years back and switched to these as they are so much better and I also like doing my bit for the environment too and if we can all cut plastic a little bit, we’ll all make a difference to the world.

Also happening this month I’ll be testing more scents to make into carpet fresheners, sometimes you’ll see scents appear and then stop as some will be limited editions only so you’ll need to make sure you grab your favourites when they come in stock. I have 2 different options for the carpet fresheners now, in 2 different sizes. You can grab a bag with a bamboo spoon or you can grab the new biodegrade shaker pot, I searched for this type of packaging as again its kinder to the environment and in time the bag with bamboo spoon will eventually stop. The new shakers have been really popular and I personally prefer them to the bags. I’ll be doing a little video later this month on showing how to use them as I always say less is more…..you don’t need much on your carpet.

Also this month I’ll be promoting my Google Business page, leaving a review on my google page really helps me to be seen, not all my customers find me via social media and I’ve noticed lately I’ve had a few find me since I set my google business page up. For me to do this I had to have my address of my business verified, once google verify this then they give you the go ahead to set it all up. It also helps new potential customers buy with ease knowing you’re a verified business and being able to see customers reviews. If you’ve not reviewed and you’ve purchased from me I’d be so grateful if you could do, you can also share your photos on my google page to show other customers what you might have ordered or what you’re melting too.

Later this month I’m going to talk about CLP, I’ve done this in the past, but I’m going to explain what things mean on the CLP label, I think its so important for everyone to understand this and why its important as a business that we all use CLP, its a legal requirement and I want to explain to people why its important to make sure whoever you buy from in this industry that they have the legal requirement CLP’s, but I’ll talk more about this later in the month.

One big ask I have of everyone reading my blog today is, f you read them please leave a comment. The more interaction I get on blogs the more it will help my business to be seen as google love seeing people commenting on blogs as it really does help. With how times have been over the last 12 months with coronavirus many businesses have struggled and are still struggling and were all reaching out to ask our customers and followers to support us by commenting on social media, blogs etc as its not always about spending with us, comments help us just as much so dont feel like you cant ever comment even if you don’t ever buy from me, as honestly its fine as your comment could really help me.


Right I think I’ve talked for long enough now lol. I’m going to get back to my working day, I’m pouring wax today and lots of it. I hope you all have an amazing sparkly day and……happy melting!




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  1. Michelle Temple
    Michelle Temple says:

    Ahh loved reading this, you really have come a long long way. I just love my little surprise, once a month subscription box xx

    • Miss Ideas
      Miss Ideas says:

      Hi Michelle, I’m just pouring all the scents today, just waiting on them setting and then I can start the last pour…..ive run out of room lol. I cant wait for everyone to get this months box xx

  2. mrsjlmod
    mrsjlmod says:

    You are certainly going to be a busy bee keeping us all updated ❤ So excited to receive my subscription box and very happy I grabbed 2 in the sale last week. I’ve re stocked on some of my favourites too so my house smells amazing. Thank you Rach xxxx

    • Rachel
      Rachel says:

      I love being busy and even though I’ve not been as busy since covid came, I’ve still loved making so much amazing wax for you all. Things will change and everything will eventually get back to normal I’m very confident. Glad you managed to grab 2 in last weeks flash sale. Rachel xx

  3. Kate W
    Kate W says:

    I first ordered off you almost 3 years ago now. It was the royal wedding surprise box and I’ve been addicted ever since!! I love the new things you’ve been doing and I can’t wait to see what scent this month’s chakras are going to be xx

    • Miss Ideas
      Miss Ideas says:

      Wow is it that long ago. Oh the wedding box I loved doing that. Thank you for your continued support I’m so grateful xx

  4. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    I’ve only been a customer for above a year but love our subscription surprise box monthly ❤️ Reading your blog is inspiring and you gave come for far with your successful business. Xxx

  5. Wai-Ling Bennett
    Wai-Ling Bennett says:

    Love your products, especially the Reed Diffusers and Room Sprays! It’s fab that you chop and change scents, keeps us on our toes….but the essence of LIWL stays consistently true and honest. Quality products made with love. Thank you, so grateful I’ve found you x

  6. Sue K
    Sue K says:

    Love my monthly subscription box all year scents you produce are amazing the Reed diffusers brilliant mine has lasted over twelve months and still some left unlike a prominent named one that I was bought only lasted all of two minutes and the carpet fresheners think I’ve got every scent love them all keep the new scents coming Rach your business is amazing xx

  7. Lisa Simmons
    Lisa Simmons says:

    I have only been buying off you for about a year now, and I have loved watching your business grow even more, you are an inspiration lady Rach, we love your wax melts xx

  8. Sophia Barlow
    Sophia Barlow says:

    I absolutely love all of your wax melts that I have got from you and my subscription box is the best delivery I have each month!
    You’re amazing and not only that such a gorgeous person too so excited to keep watching you grow!

  9. Catrin Williams
    Catrin Williams says:

    Happy 6th Business Birthday, I truly admire your creativity and gorgeous products. Really looking forward to discovering the new carpet freshener scents, as well as your wax I just love this range..

  10. Leona
    Leona says:

    I purchased a Reed diffuser this time and honestly the smell is beautiful I can’t believe how long it’s lasting I can honestly smell it soon as I walk through my door I’m so excited to receive my first subscription it was beautiful the scents and the special Happy birthday one and I am so excited to be a wax member something to look forward too now when I receive my new mug I will always buy from rach the love she puts into these products the Reed diffuser is so classy I love them 😍

    • Miss Ideas
      Miss Ideas says:

      Leona, what a beautiful review. Thank you so much, I just love how much you love all my products. I’m also excited that you’ve also become a wax club member too. I hope your evenings filled with lots of sparkle. Rachel xx


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