Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch! There’s so many ways to keep in touch with what’s happing within my business. As social media platforms are becoming harder to be seen on, there’s many other ways we can keep in touch.

Here’s a few ways you can still see what I’m doing.

Newsletter, be sure to be signed up for this. If you’re already signed up, be sure to read them so you don’t miss out.

Whatsapp broadcast group. An amazing way for me to stay in touch with my customers. It’s a safe group, everyone who’s in my broadcast group, members can’t see others details or messages it’s completely safe. It just means I can send one text message to everyone who’s in my group, if you reply to my message, only I can see it. I’m finding more and more people are disconnecting from using social media and preferring messages via broadcast groups. Have you asked to join mine? I have a few different groups, VIP Subscription, Wax Club Members and also Customers.

My website blog! Sharing at least 3-4 blogs per month via my website helps me to be seen. My customers can interact on my blog posts. They can ask questions as I’ll always reply. I’ll always try and reply to all comments on a blog within 72 hours of posting it. Be sure to check back a few days later.

Google Business. I can share photos on this platform, it also shows me how many views each photos had. Customers can leave reviews and also post a photo too, which helps massively because new potential customers rely on google reviews before they make that purchase. If you’ve not left a review already, I’d really appreciate it if you could.

Pinterest. I love this platform and I do get many re-pins from some of my videos. I do t use this daily, but do like to update it once or twice a month.

I’ll always keep posting on Facebook and Instagram too, but I just wanted to share the other ways you can keep in touch with me.

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    • Miss Ideas
      Miss Ideas says:

      Thank you kate for wanting to be in my WhatsApp broadcast group. I’m going to be using it a lot more now that it’s getting harder to be seen on social media. Xx

  1. mandy1909
    mandy1909 says:

    WhatsApp Group is the place to be, being able to see and reply to Miss Ideas ❤️
    And being informed about new products, joining in on a live video is fantastic! We don’t always see posts on social media. That’s the reason why I joined in on the WhatsApp Broadcast Group. ❤️ xx


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