LIWL Limited Edition Love T-Shirt

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!

What a gorgeous day it’s been today after what was a very windy and a bit of a wet weekend here in Yorkshire. Yes I’ve took advantage of it today and sat out in the garden for a short while and making the most of my day off before work Tuesday, it’s going to be a busy week.

So on Friday evening I shared my limited edition T-shirt with sparkly red ‘Love’ text and boy so many of you seemed to love it and placed orders for these, which I’m so grateful for. With it being a limited edition, it’ll only stay on the website for a short time and then you won’t be able to get this again in this style of sparkly red vinyl. You’ll find I’ll do more limited editions over the year so I can’t wait to share what’s next, but it won’t be for a bit yet. I’ll only ever have one limited edition on the website at anyone time.

Ive printed this up in both adults and children’s T-shirt’s, just white is available as it really sets off the red glitter text and you know me I love a bit of glitter! These can go in the machine to be washed, I recommend 40 degrees and not to tumble dry, if ironing (I iron mine but I’m saying if as I know one of my customers doesn’t really iron, she’ll know who she is if she’s reading this and will giggle ??) I’d always recommend you iron the T-shirt inside out so that the heat of the iron doesn’t melt the vinyl.

Now my aim is to one day be able to spot people out wearing my branded clothing lol…….now wouldn’t that be amazing if it really did happen? I’ve had new customers buying my range as well as older customers and it makes me realise I’m doing something right and my branding is on point too. I actually love printing the t-shits, I do have a set day for this so it doesn’t clash with me making wax and getting those orders ready. I tend to print once a week, depending on how many orders I have in as I like to try and do them all at the same time if it’s possible. I either print on a Tuesday or Thursday, again this depends if I’ve your size in stock, if not then i do my supplier order on a Sunday and at the moment deliveries from suppliers are taking longer, normally they are despatched the next working day, but due to covid19 they can now take up to 7 working days to arrive with me, then I need to print them up. My dispatch times on clothing are normally up to 10 working days, but I’ve extended it to up to 14 working days for the time being,  this excludes weekends and bank holidays, but hopefully you won’t need to wait too long.

Now if you do order and you have Instagram, I’d love for you to share and tag me in your stories or account, I have 2 Instagram accounts so if you could tag me using both accounts that would be amazing. Of course there’s my Little Ideas With Love account and my LIWL_Sparkle account. I’ve added the name tag below which you can scan using your phone and it’ll you’ll be able to follow my accounts.

So it’s now time for me to go and put my feet up………well I’ve relaxed most of the day as it is bank holiday lol. I hope you all have an amazing sparkly evening and thank you so much for taking time to read my blog, I really appreciate it.


Take care and stay safe! ❤️?





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  1. Gemma Evans
    Gemma Evans says:

    It’s been a gorgeous day today hasn’t it! I’ll have to get one of your T-shirt’s sometime, and yes it would be great to spot someone wearing them out and about wouldn’t it! Have a lovely week xx

  2. Paula
    Paula says:

    The weeks are flying by, I can’t believe its Monday again.
    I loved the sparkle on this t shirt really pretty.

  3. Kate Plummer
    Kate Plummer says:

    I don’t know who it is that doesn’t iron ? but it’s disgraceful ?????
    Can’t wait to get my sparkly T-shirt and start spreading the Love ? Have a fab evening xxx

  4. Louise Ross
    Louise Ross says:

    Ban Ironing, stay wrinkly!!! Whoever it is I hear you as I tumble dry everything that’s possible to do so. I’ve recently purchased a t shirt so looking forward to it along with more brittles. I’ve been melting s lot this weekend so got a few empties this week. Glad you’ve enjoyed today Rach, stay safe too?xx

  5. Lisa Simmons
    Lisa Simmons says:

    Evening Rach, I think I need to order a t-shirt from you, they look so comfortable, I hope you have a have a lovely week xx

  6. Gemma Evans
    Gemma Evans says:

    (Can’t see my original comment and not sure if it’s come through so I’ll repost)

    It’s been a glorious week day hasn’t it! I’ve loved sitting in the garden too. I love your T-shirt’s and I will definitely buy one someday. Have a lovely week x

  7. Chloe
    Chloe says:

    Love this limited edition t shirt! Can’t wait to see what other limited edition ones you do too. I need to upload a photo to show people the gorgeous baby vests I ordered from you 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I ironed anything ? xx

  8. Maria Wall
    Maria Wall says:

    Lovely blog Rachel. I have Instagram and really need to start using it more. The limited edition t-shirt looked amazing. I haven’t done any ironing for a while, but promised myself I would start again soon xx


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