Lots Of New Changes!

Fragrant Candle Melts

Lots Of New Changes! I’m so excited about Lots Of New Changes coming soon. I’m always working behind the scenes to improve things, change products and Im always excited about sharing with all my customers and followers. To grow in business you’ve got to keep with the times and always remember your customers feedback is your most important thing about business and how it’ll grow. I get many requests from customers and every one i do take on board and some im unable to do, but some are really good ideas. They often need a little tweak, but I do love to hear your suggestions.

So as we are coming to the last month of summer, you’ll see my scent list change. I will be ending all summer scents, this doesn’t mean they’ll be gone forever, but its time to make room for the Autumn/Winter scents come towards the end of September. I’ve been currently testing many, some haven’t even got past the first test, but many have. Now the hard part starts for me to pick a handful from the ones that have passed ready for adding to my website.

Subscription Boxes theres’ going to be little changes to this too. If you’re already a subscriber then perfect as you’ll love whats coming up. If you’re not a subscriber and would love to subscribe, then my next slots will be available this month for the September box.

Autumn/Winter Range you’ll start to see this slowly being added to my scent list come towards the end of September. Whenever i release a scent i will share on my social media so be sure to keep your eyes peeled so you dont miss out. I have been testing some of the scents in reed diffusers too. A few will make it to my list and will be available to purchase come October to November. Along with room sprays too. I will also be offering gift sets in these too.

Christmas Candles I’m currently testing fragrances and I’ve got something very exciting to share with you all regarding these come September. I might give you a little peek, we’ll see if i break into telling you all lol. T

Scent List you’ll start to see this change once we get into September. I will be cutting it down as i feel its just a little too big. Some scents will take a holiday for the season change and some scents will completely stop. I want to be able to offer variety and keep this variety fresh and new.

New Workshop hopefully sometime in October I will be moving into my new workshop. Once I have a date for this then there’ll be a few changes for collections too. You’ll still have to select a collection date and time and stick to these times, but I’m hoping i can extend the choice a little more than what I have available right now.

Wax Club Memberships more and more customers are signing up for the 12 month membership. It’s a payment of £30 plus postage which gives you 12 months membership that comes with discount codes and a welcome goodie pack.  If you love to save money off your everyday orders then why not take a look today! Please ask questions if you’re unsure how it works and I’ll happily chat with you. https://www.littleideaswithlove.co.uk/product/liwl-wax-club-membership/


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  1. Claire Lister
    Claire Lister says:

    Ohmygaaaaaad as much as I love summer scents I absolutely adore autumn winter scents. I still have a supply of Christmas pud from last year. Excited for what you’ve got planned this time.

    • Miss Ideas
      Miss Ideas says:

      I love autumn/winter scents too. Can’t wait to share with you all, I’m doing a few tests this morning of scents xx

  2. Sue Kelly
    Sue Kelly says:

    Can’t wait to see what new scents are coming and the new workshop as I’m fortunate I can pick up and I’ve watched it progress over the last few months and I still have some Christmas pud from last year will only use if Rach is doing it again this year very big hint lol xx

    • Miss Ideas
      Miss Ideas says:

      I can’t wait for my workshop to be finished too. Just digging the phone line in now as we speak. Well Richard is lol xx

  3. Michelle temple
    Michelle temple says:

    Oooh I’m so excited to see what you produce for autumn and winter, so many wonderful smells around at that time of year ❤️❤️ I bet your excited for your new workshop to be finished xx

  4. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    I’m excited to see what’s ahead but summer scents set my heart up! I’m glad I’ve got a supply to see me through 😅 but I do say this and then you blow me away with something so unexpected!!

    The subscription box is always magical ❤️

    I love your customer care it’s beyond ❤️❤️

  5. mandy
    mandy says:

    Exciting! I love how you have so many new changes Rachel ♥️
    You never cease to amaze all your customers!
    Love ❤️ love ❤️ xxx


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