My first open day in the new workshop

My first open day in the new workshop

My first open day in the new workshop – today Saturday 23rd October, I had my first open day in my new workshop. I opened my doors to my customers so they could come and have a browse. They also see my new workspace and where all the magic happens.

It was so lovely to see so many people visiting me and the time went so quickly. My eldest son come over to help me. Well maybe he sat in my new chair and I did the work. He did chat with my customers. A few people came who hadn’t bought from me before and went away with some wax treats. The atmosphere was so lovely and it seemed like everyone had a lovely time visiting.

Its lovely to be able to offer open days now for customers to come and purchase their wax goodies. It gives customers a chance to smell fragrances they may not pick if ordering online. It’s something I’ll be doing again soon. I am,Loki g to do a Christmas shopping night, so be sure to watch out for me advertising this.

If you did visit me I’d love for you to leave some feedback on this blog of how you found your shopping experience today. I’d also like to thank everyone who popped by and to everyone who sent me good luck wishes too.

Honestly I’m so grateful to each and everyone of you who take time each day to comment on my social media, send me beautiful messages and purchase from me too, you’re all amazing.

To those who live too far away, maybe next time you can join us virtually so that you can see what it would be like if you ever got chance to visit. If you’re ever in the area and you no it’s not an open day, pop me a message if you’d like to visit as I’m sure I can open my doors for you to have a look around.

Heres to my next open day!



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  1. Sue K
    Sue K says:

    Worth staying up after a night shift to visit Rach’s brand new workshop purchased more of her beautiful waxes to me they are the best on the market and another car spray forget the dangly things from the mirror two sprays and the car smells gorgeous for ages can’t wait for the next open day ps was also lovely meeting Connor he’s a grand lad xx

  2. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Love that this experience was such a wonderful one. Will definitely come and visit you and until then continue with my online orders xx

  3. Paula Jones
    Paula Jones says:

    Maybe you can do a travelling shop and come to Wales to see me haha. Only joking. I’m so pleased today went well for you. I would love to come and visit. One day I will xx

  4. Susanne Greenwood
    Susanne Greenwood says:

    So lovely to see you again Rachel and your new workshop is amazing. My mum and I really enjoyed our visit and love our purchases. Don’t tell my mum but I have bought her wax for her! She did ask who the young man was and did not believe he was your son…she said no ..Rachel is not old enough to have a grown up son. Thought you would appreciate after your kind words about my lovely mum. You provided a gorgeous choice of wax and other products for the open day and I was so happy I popped along 😊

    • Miss Ideas
      Miss Ideas says:

      Aww your mums the best. Im smiling at what she said. It was so lovely to see you both and im so glad you enjoyed it too xx

  5. Wai-Ling Bennett
    Wai-Ling Bennett says:

    I brought my sister and friend on Saturday….both had an amazing time sniffing everything! Thank you for a fab shopping experience x

  6. mandy1909
    mandy1909 says:

    I am so happy for you Rachel, that your opening day was perfect for you, and your customers.
    If I was closer to you, I would have jumped at the chance to be there, and take in all your gorgeous aroma scents. Magical. ! I would love to join in on a virtual tour of your workshop ❤️.. That would be fabulous! Maybe one day I can come and visit you! Carry on shining 🌟, as to the truly wonderful lady that you are! #LIWL ❤️ xxx


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