New Candle Range Coming Soon!

New Candle Range Coming Soon!

New candle range coming soon! Over the last few days on my social media platform, I’ve been sharing about my new soy candle range.  Each day I’ve shared information to talk about how it all happens. I’m excited after just over 4 years I’ve decided to bring my candle range back.

Finding the perfect wick 

Finding the perfect wick doesn’t just happen instantly. There’s many factors to take in when selecting your wick and lots of testing too. I’ve made candles in the past and mainly always went for wooden wick, but this time I wanted my whole range to be made with cotton wicks. So the testing process started around 8 weeks ago to find the perfect wick. I’m lucky as I’ve made candles in the past so finding that perfect wick and size is a little bit easier.

Selecting the perfect candle glass

Now finding your candle glass is just the same of finding your perfect wick. Every glass shape and size needs testing and again this process takes time. I’m really happy with the glass I’ve gone for and I can’t wait to show you too. My candle net weight is going to be 120g , now i May along the way test a bigger size. For now I’m sticking to just the one size.

Selecting the fragrance

Now another test which takes time as each scent needs testing and it doesn’t mean one wick size fits all as it doesn’t work like that. This is where most of the testing comes in and takes time and can’t be rushed. I’ve tested 5 fragrances which have passed so far these are…..

Myrrh & Tonka

Pink Sugar


Filthy Gorgeous


So 5 have been fully tested and made my list, but not all 5 will be up for grabs. More about that later on my business page, you just need to make sure that you’re interacting on my social media so you don’t miss out. I’m also currently testing another 6 fragrances, I won’t share these yet as it doesn’t mean all 6 will make it. This is why I test because it’s so important plus no testing means you won’t produce an excellent product!


Difference between scent throw in candles to wax melts 

So many of you are already addicted to my wax products. Now wax melts will always give off a stronger scent throw than a candle. Candles are more subtle because the flame only heats whats melted around the pool inside the glass. Whereas in a burner the tea lights heating the whole bowl of the tea light warmer which gets hotter, then giving off a good scent throw. You will be able to smell the scent of the candle you’re burning, but it won’t fill your whole room. Candles are more for a relaxing mood, for cosy nights in.

How to care for your candle

All our candles have been hand-poured with love using soy wax and fragrance oils. Our candle glasses and boxes are recyclable.

We do strongly urge you to follow all our care and safety precautions outlined below, which have been put in place to ensure that you get the very best from your candle.

  • Don’t leave the candle burning unattended. Place on a heat proof mat to protect your surface.
  • To prevent tunnelling please make sure you burn your candle for minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 hours at anyone time.
  • Always keep the candle out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire.
  • Do not place candles in a draught.
  • Once extinguished please make sure the wick is stood up right ready for when you next light it.
  • Trim wick down to 5mm before lighting at each use.
  • Don’t burn a candle all the way down. We strongly recommend leaving at least 5mm of wax in the jar.
  • Keep the wax pool clear and free of any debris to avoid flaring.
  • You can find further safety instructions on the base of all of our candles along with the scent name. For any queries, or anything you may be unsure about, please do get in touch!



23 replies
  1. Chloe
    Chloe says:

    I can’t wait to see which of those scents you release first! It’s so exciting, especially as I only came across you after you had stopped making candles so I absolutely can’t wait for this! Love how thorough you are with everything and with safety too! Top priority xx

    • Miss Ideas
      Miss Ideas says:

      I’m so excited. I’ve got a feeling these are going to fly out. I also can’t wait to share with you all once I’ve finished testing the next lot of scents. Omg you’re all in for a real treat xx

  2. gemmalwilson1985
    gemmalwilson1985 says:

    Oh I can’t tell you how excited I am about a candle range!! I can see my candle collection rivalling my wax collection which is MASSIVE!!

  3. Louise Ross
    Louise Ross says:

    I’m so excited, really looking forward to these Rach and appreciate you keeping us up to date with what your doing. It will all pay off for you in the end as I’m sure these will be amazing like everything else you do. 🥰Xxx

  4. Kate Plummer
    Kate Plummer says:

    Eeeek Nenico in a candle is like my dream come true 😂😂😂😂😂 cannot wait to be able to buy these!!!! Xxxx

  5. Paula
    Paula says:

    Pink sugar is my absolute favourite. I can’t wait to be able to get a candle in it too. Will keep watching your page

    • Miss Ideas
      Miss Ideas says:

      It’s pretty amazing isn’t it. Oh I wish you could all smell them right now. I’ve got more testing as we speak xx

  6. Kate W
    Kate W says:

    I just know these will be amazing. I think its great how thorough you are with testing and safety. Hope you release Nenico first xx

  7. Siobhan Ramsay
    Siobhan Ramsay says:

    Can wait to see your new candles ❤️
    Keeping my fingercrossed for one of the scents your testing to come out top!

    • Miss Ideas
      Miss Ideas says:

      All these I’ve shared this evening all passed my test. I won’t be realising them all in one go. You’ll need to wait and see which I pick for first release xx

  8. Georgina
    Georgina says:

    Wow I can’t wait to try you’re candle 🕯️ collection Rachel. Myrrh and Tonka first for me I hope.xxx

    • Miss Ideas
      Miss Ideas says:

      The myrrh and Tonka is gorgeous, I’ve been melting that one this week again as after I made all my testing ones I then made myself the full range to enjoy xx


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