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7 Chakra Soy Wax

Good morning!

I’m sure some of you may have seen that on Boxing Day i released a new product which was, 7 Chakra Soy Wax Discs. These flew out which I did have a feeling they would, but don’t worry as each month more will be released. How it will work is once a month, i’ll put the listing live, only a selected amount will be released and each month they’ll be made in a different scent. For December i went for my new scent Amethyst Rose, this was a scent that was in the December subscription box and one i truly love. I’ve had this scent specially made by a chemist i often use for many of my exclusive scents. I’ll be sharing more about the Chakra’s next month and will do a live on my business page all about them, so hopefully many of you will get to watch me and I can hopefully answer some of your questions.

Another product I shared wasn’t new, but I had picked a new packaging for them and this is my carpet freshener which now you can purchase in 2 different packaging options. The new kraft shaker ive picked is just perfect and works really well with my product. The packaging is also biodegradable and as many of you already know I switched my plastic pod packaging a few years ago to compostable packaging as I really wanted to cut out plastic as much as I possibly could. I’ll always try and make many changes lie these as I really do care about our environment and if it means i can cut as much plastic out as I possibly can it’ll then have a big impact on how little plastic my customers use when buying my products.

I’d also just like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for all your continued support and custom. It’s been a year that none of us could have ever predicted and a tough year, but I’m hoping 2021 will start to see things getting back to normality. We’ve still along way to go, but i know we will get there and I’m so grateful to everyone who’s stuck by me in these hard times.

I hope you all have a beautiful sparkly day and…….happy melting!


Love Rachel…..x


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  1. Tracy McConnell
    Tracy McConnell says:

    It’s been such a difficult year but I can always count on my monthly surprise box to cheer me up! The scents are always amazing and uplifting! I absolutely love my little monthly treat and would recommend Rach’s products to anyone they are simply amazing!

  2. Claire Lister
    Claire Lister says:

    These look like a lovely gift idea. Love how you are always coming up with beautiful new products. It’s been a difficult year but hopefully next year will be better. I must try the carpet fresheners ❤

  3. Catrin Williams
    Catrin Williams says:

    Looking forward to 2021, yes 2020 has been different but I’m forever grateful to have my health and my beautiful family. I’m also looking forward to learn more of your Chakra scents Rachel and hopefully get my hands on some at your next release.. Happy melting & Happy New Year xx

  4. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    I love the new chakra stones they look beautiful. I look forward to adding them to my collection soon! Excited to of purchased a carpet freshener and can’t wait to try it when it arrives!!

  5. Charlieplummer
    Charlieplummer says:

    Love the new Chakra melts 😍😍 And I’m so excited to see what 2021 brings for you ❤️❤️ Xxxxxxxx


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