Perfect nights sleep!

Perfect nights sleep!

Perfect nights sleep!

If you’re like me you’ll love a Perfect nights sleep! Feedback from my customers show that using my pillow mist and melting a scent from my sleepeeze range certainly helps. Every night I add one of the scents from my sleepeeze range to my wax burner. My favourite is mysterious moonlight, I just love it. I always use the matching pillow mist, but you don’t have to its personal choice.

I’ve 4 fragrances to pick from so you can mix and match. I spray my pillow a couple of times and then leave it to dry. Then I usually listen to some meditation 20 minutes before I go to sleep as this helps to relax me even more. The scent tones in the fragrances work well together which then gives you a better nights sleep. Being more relaxed when you go to bed does help your sleep. It relaxes both your mind and body. I am no expert, but if you click on this link you’ll see the reviews from my customers.

Until midnight 27th August if you grab the pillow mist spray and pod set it’s been discounted. Wax club members can also get a further 10% off using one of your codes.

The Sleepeeze Exclusive Pod Collection is a sensory innovation  using the power of scent to optimise the quality of sleep and based on the link between fragrance, positive mood states and a good night restful sleep, helping to provide breakthrough solutions for people to sleep better and relax. Enhance your sleeping experience by melting one of the 4 fragrances from my range.

Tranquil Waters – Such a delicate aquatic floral scent with transparent top notes of lemon, bergamot & water fruits followed by middle notes of muguet,  tuberose & violets. Notes of cedarwood, marine, and musk.

Paradise Dreams –A fresh & fruity floral fragrance with top notes of apricot, green leaves and mandarin, leading to middle notes of rose, orange & papaya fruit on a a base of musk.

Mysterious Moonlight – An irresistible floral scent opening with top notes of mandarin & green leaves, with a twist of dark coffee, carefully combined with plum & chypre resting on a base of tonka bean and vanilla.

Sensual Meditation – A rich, fruity fragrance with top notes of apple, hyacinth, ylang & lemon followed by a floral heart of rose, marine watermelon & apricot. Resting on a woody base of sweet musk & sandalwood

LIWL Sleepeeze Pillow Mist Spray

Relax on an evening with and use our LIWL Sleepeeze Pillow Mist Spray. The contents is a milky liquid,  every bottle comes with a tamper proof seal, please do not open this and break the seal as it’s protecting the contents. Please keep away from children and pets and store out of children’s way. All liquids can be dangerous, we can’t stress enough how important it is not let your children use the sprays. Once the spray is empty you can place the bottle in your recycle bin. We can’t refill bottles sorry.
Make sure before use you always shake the bottle so that the base and fragrance mix together giving you the best from our pillow sprays. Please do not spray on your skin! If spray goes in your eyes rinse with cold water and seek medical help.


21 replies
  1. Claire Lister
    Claire Lister says:

    I absolutely love this range. I can’t decide which is my favourite scent. All so very beautiful and relaxing.

  2. Wai-Ling Bennett
    Wai-Ling Bennett says:

    I have 2 favourites in this collection (Paradise Dreams and Tranquil Waters) but the other two scents are a close 3rd and 4th! These scents are stronger too and I only need half the amount that I usually use to melt. So relaxing x

  3. Karen anderson
    Karen anderson says:

    I love all the scents in this range but mysterious moonlight is my favourite. I stocked up in heart snap bars and ordered a pillow mist today. It really helps me sleep xx

  4. Charlieplummer
    Charlieplummer says:

    I have the sleepeze pods and the pillow sprays and can confirm they are friggin amazing at helping you feel relaxed and fall asleep! Mysterious moonlight is my favourite, followed very closely by Paradise Dreams, followed very very closely by the other two!! But yes they are all gorgeous 😍😍😍😍

  5. Sue Kelly
    Sue Kelly says:

    I love mysterious moonlight and working shifts I struggle to sleep sometimes the pods and the spray are brilliant they help me drift off hubby says he knows when I use them cos I snore more lol

  6. Siobhan Ramsay
    Siobhan Ramsay says:

    Oh I really need to try this at some point, I struggle with sleep due to my chronic illness.
    This may help me relax a bit better at night!


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