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Need help relaxing once you go to bed? Then please read my blog and i’ll tell you how my new sleepeeze pillow mist range will help you. I also sell all 4 fragrances in wax pods too and using both together really do help. The feedback I’ve had from my customers is really good and as the weeks go by hopefully more and more of my customers will leave a review on the website to let others know what they think of my pillow mist. Everything is handmade by me Rachel here at LIWL HQ, i always research and test my product thoroughly before ever releasing anything, i take so much pride in everything i create giving you not only top quality products, but products that really are made with so much love.


LIWL Sleepeeze Pillow Mist Spray

New to LIWL fragranced sleepeeze sprays!

My sleepeeze  sprays are pretty new to my website, each one is made as your order comes in. I’ve made them up using my sleepeeze fragrances so that these can be sprayed on your pillow at night time before you go to sleep. The contents is a milky liquid,  every bottle comes with a tamper proof seal, please do not open this and break the seal as it’s protecting the contents. Please keep away from children and pets and store out of children’s way. All liquids can be dangerous if given to children and we can’t stress enough how important it is to not let your children use the sprays. Once the spray is empty you can place the bottle in your recycle bin. We can’t refill bottles sorry.
Make sure before use you always shake the bottle so that the base and fragrance mix together giving you the best from our pillow sprays. Please do not spray on your skin! If spray goes in your eyes rinse with cold water and seek medical help.



Please note this photo is for illustration purposes only, this listing is for one spray only, to receive multiple sprays please select your quantity. This isn’t suitable for use on children’s pillows under the age of 5. Please note it’s not a product to make you sleep it’s a product to help you relax on a night time before bed. 



Safety Instructions

  • please do a test patch first before using fully on your upholstery, do not use on leather
  • can be used in your home on your curtains and sofa, but please do a test patch first.
  • perfect for spraying onto your pillow on an evening before you go to bed. I would recommend once you’ve sprayed one or two squirts you leave it to dry before going to bed, so spray your pillow 30 mins before you get into bed.
  • please shake bottle before use for best results
  • keep away from children and pets.
  • spray away from you
  • if you accidentally spray in your eyes, rinse the, with cold water and seek medical help
  • the bottle comes with a tamper proof fastening, if this seal is opened at anytime please discard the bottle
  • contents are liquid based and the bottle should only be sprayed by an adult only.
  • not recommend on children’s pillows under the age of 5.

we’ve many other products to fragrance your room from wax pods to reed diffusers there’s something for every home.

The bottles are 50ml and brown in colour, this is to keep the contents from being seen as the mixture when its been shaken is milky in colour and the bottle also protects the contents to. Bottles come with a tamper proof seal and we advise that you don’t try and unscrew this as the seal needs to be kept sealed and also kept out of reach of children. Please do not let your children use this product, its safe to use on their pillows, but an adult must spray this and i would suggest just one spray on your child’s pillow and i wouldn’t advise using this on children’s pillow under the age of 5. If using on a child’s pillow please just do a tiny test for the first night, id spray a tiny amount on their bed sheet first.

Beautiful hand crafted wax melts poured straight from the heart!

18 replies
  1. Wai-Ling Bennett
    Wai-Ling Bennett says:

    Not bought a pillow spray yet but the Sleepeeze wax pod range are lush. Debating which one to get. Loving Tranquil Waters at the moment but it’s difficult to choose as the other 3 come close to getting picked too!

  2. Gemma Wilson
    Gemma Wilson says:

    Defo ordering one or 4 in my next order!! If they’re anything like the wax then I know I’ll be addicted in no time!

  3. Claire Burns
    Claire Burns says:

    I absolutely love the pillow mist. I went for paradise dreams (just love that name) … it smells amazing and certainly helps me relax and actually get a decent nights sleep.
    Cannot wait to order more.

  4. Chloe
    Chloe says:

    I haven’t tried the pillow mist spray just yet but I know they will be amazing if the wax melts, room sprays and reed diffusers are anything to go by!

  5. Denise
    Denise says:

    Ohh I really need to get this!! Your post has just made me want it even more. Does it come in a 2 litre bottle as I will need it for all of our pillows!

  6. Janine
    Janine says:

    Love the sleepeze range it’s so relaxing, I have trouble sleeping but not when I’ve used this range. Amazing the pillow spray will be used every night

  7. Annie Bedford
    Annie Bedford says:

    Absolutely love my pillow mist. I chose mysterious moonlight and it’s just dreamy! It relaxes me and gets me ready for a great nights sleep. I can still smell it in the morning so doesn’t just fade quickly. Will definitely be ordered another fragrance. Thank you Rach for creating such gorgeous products!!

  8. Jane
    Jane says:

    I struggle to switch off at night so I thought I’d give the pillow mist a try. I used the paradise dreams pillow spray for the first night last night, it worked so well that I only managed a couple of pages of my book and then I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Best nights sleep in a long time.

  9. Krystal
    Krystal says:

    I have the ‘mysterious moonlight‘ pillow mist and I love it! In fact, the day after it came I was ordering more in a different fragrance – can never have too many and variety is good! Cannot wait to try ‘tranquil waters’! Love the sleepeeze wax pod range too!! So calming and relaxing

  10. Louise Ross
    Louise Ross says:

    New to your page but managed to get the Harry Potter box and Christmas one which were both exquisite. I’ve also been lucky enough to grab a subscription box so really looking forward to these. ?Xx

  11. Suzanne Kelly
    Suzanne Kelly says:

    Love the mysterious moonlight pod so have ordered the pillow spray can’t wait to pick it up love all the sleepeze pods but this is my favourite ?x


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