Soy Wax Brittles

How To Use Soy Wax Brittles


Many customers ask…..whats the different between brittles and pods? The only difference is, is its poured into different shaped moulds. Its made the same, its smells the same and its melted the same, just some customers preferrer brittles over pods. I find that many new customers go for pods first and then if they find a scent they love they then buy it in the bigger bags of brittles.

My brittles come in kraft sealed bags, i don’t heat seal the bag shut as theres no need to so this means that you do not need to rip the tab off the top. Simply just pull the packet open meaning that you can reseal it much easier, I’ve often shared this way in my wax group

In each bag of brittle theres wax that will last you weeks, simply take one piece out and i always say break a bit off around 15-20g  and add to your burner, then as its melting if you feel you need a little bit more then add smaller amounts until you’re happy. Adding smaller amounts like this will mean you wont waste wax and wont over fill your warmer. I always say……less is more!

Each scent is carefully poured into the mould and then decorated, the decoration may vary per batch as sometimes i may change the colour slightly. Each batch is recorded in my file so i always no when i made that scent and how many bags i was able to get from it.  Once the brittle is set i remove the whole slab and then break up into chunks and these are weighed and put into boxes. I’ve had customers in the past order a whole slab, this is possible but the slab doesn’t come in one piece as  it would break when posted out….many of my customers say they’d love to break a whole slab up as it looks so relaxing when they’ve watched me do it. They are right, theres just something about it that really relaxes you and it also leaves your hands feeling soft and smelling amazing too.

If you want to catch me making brittles you’ll sometimes be able to on Wax Making Wednesday, i try and go live once a month to show my customers what I’m making and they actually love to see me making products. I make wax every day, but Wednesdays i make products for the whole day as i need one full day each week to be able to keep my stock levels up.


Be sure to follow me on my business page if you don’t already so that you can watch out for my next Wax Making Wednesday which will actually be this coming Wednesday 12th February 2020

I’ll share on my business page on the Wednesday morning what time i’ll go live, but don’t worry if you miss it as you can always watch me later on replay. Now i wonder what scent i’ll make with you all? Is there one you’d love to see me make up?

Thank you so much for reading my Monday Blog and next week i’ll share with you things that are coming up in the months ahead!

Have a sparkly evening!



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  1. Kate W
    Kate W says:

    I love watching wax making Wednesday. Maybe one time you could go live with just breaking up brittles? It’s so satisfying even just to watch xx

  2. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    Fabulous pods and brittles, love my monthly surprise box always keeps me guessing what you will come up with next Rach!!
    I would love to break one of those slabs of brittle up!
    People if you haven’t already watched Rachel’s wax making Wednesday you need to get on Facebook and watch!!

  3. Claire Burns
    Claire Burns says:

    Love the brittles..fabulous value for money and I find them easier to use than the pods,as you can just snap the desired amount off.

    Hopefully catch this weeks wax making Wednesday 🙂 xx

    • Rachel
      Rachel says:

      I’m glad you love my Monday blogs, in time I hope more and more read them and enjoy hearing what I’m up to xx

  4. mrsjlmod
    mrsjlmod says:

    Really enjoying the blogs and tips. So nice to know how carefully you track and record every part of your handmade items. So lovingly made for us all to enjoy xx

    • Rachel
      Rachel says:

      Thank you for your lovely comments. Recording everything’s so important, I need to know when everything was made, it sits along side all my other documentation I need to keep on file too. Rachel……x

  5. Wai-Ling Bennett
    Wai-Ling Bennett says:

    I started with buying pods but collecting brittle bags now as they are such great value and I get more melts out of them than the pods x


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