Subscription Monthly Themed Surprise Boxes

Monthly Surprise Subscription Box

Subscription Monthly Themed Surprise Boxes

Due to very popular demand between me and my website designer……well more him really we’ve set up the subscription that you can now signup to receive my monthly themed surprise boxes! this means you’ve no more stress of waiting for them to go live and every month you can sit back and relax and wait for the box to arrive.

So how does it work i hear you all say?

Simply click on the link which will take you to the subscriptions, purchase your first one and then every month your payment will be taken from your card and i’ll send your themed box out. so for example if you sign up before the end of this month November you’ll receive the Christmas Eve box in December, then your December payment will come out and you’ll then receive my January themed surprise box and so on and so on until you give us a 30 day notice to cancel. you can cancel at anytime, but please note this is a 30 days cancelation period. So for example if you sign up on the 12th of the month, your following payment will come out the following month on the 12th and so on and so on.

Each theme is different and whats in side the boxes is a surprise, but i always pick mainly new scents and from time to time you may receive a couple of scents in your box thats from my scent list. the boxes are £22.99 plus postage and they are always packed full of goodness!


I’m known for my boxes and before i had this option they always flew out within the hour of going live and at the moment I’m offering 80 each month, but if they become more popular i will offer more. If signing up for the subscriptions not for you, then i will be adding a few ready to buy on the website on the 1st of each month, but these will be priced slightly higher and there will be very limited numbers as most will have been purchased through the subscription listing.

Be sure to checkout my Facebook page and my wax group to see what many of my customers say about my themed surprise boxes!


68 replies
  1. francesca-rubita
    francesca-rubita says:

    Subscription is an absolute game changer, no more panicking on the first of each month!! Rach you’ve changed our melting life’s x

  2. Kate Plummer
    Kate Plummer says:

    Subscriptions is an absolutely amazing idea! No more stress on the 1st of each month trying to be one of the lucky ones to grab a little box of wax heaven ???? Wax deliveries through my door each month with surprise scents….what more could a LIWL wax addict ask for ?? xx

  3. Louise Gilbert
    Louise Gilbert says:

    Love these boxes! Such a great variety of fragrances which last ages… it’s a monthly must have…. x ow… and sandalwood is the best fragrance ?

  4. Sharon Lockhart
    Sharon Lockhart says:

    I am so excited to have a monthly surprise box subscription. It is a fabulous idea and it will be so lovely to have a delivery every month especially because I won’t know what’s in it until I open it . I can’t wait for my delivery xx

  5. Amy P
    Amy P says:

    Love this option! It’s so exciting trying new things and having the surprise element. A great way to try new scents and then buy bigger sizes of your favourites 🙂 I haven’t seen anything else like this available yet, so definitely give it a go 🙂

  6. Ebony parkinson
    Ebony parkinson says:

    I always missed the suprise boxes going live due to been at work, now with the subscription I don’t need to worry about missing out! I cannot wait to recieve my box each month and smell all the gorgeous scents x

  7. leanne wagg
    leanne wagg says:

    So pleased when Rachel introduced this option as I am a huge fan of subscription boxes and what a better one to have than one that makes my home smell amazing. Great value for money, the best customer service and the melts are by far the best i have used to date.

  8. Katie Ward
    Katie Ward says:

    I think it’s a brilliant idea! I’ve had a few surprise boxes and they’ve all been amazing! Lovely to know you can be guaranteed a box every month xx

  9. miss.d.lang22191
    miss.d.lang22191 says:

    The subscription is an absolutely amazing idea!! It’s saves a lot of stress for a lot of people and there’s more people who get the opportunity to claim the monthly box this way! ?

  10. leannewagg
    leannewagg says:

    Was so pleased when I saw Rachel had introduced these subscription boxes, after being a customer for a while and trying many different melts, knowing that I will have a surprise box every month automatically is fantastic. These are by far the best melts I have used to date, the customer service is second to none and the sub boxes are great value for money. Looking forward to receiving them each month.

  11. Katie Ward
    Katie Ward says:

    Love this idea. I’ve had a few surprise boxes and they’ve all smelt amazing! Nice to know you are guaranteed a box every month xx

  12. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I absolutely loved the November surprise box! I love the fact there is always something that you wouldn’t have thought you would like then end up loving it!!! I loved the pine cones but would never have picked it for myself!
    Love love love it ?

  13. Nicky Jackson
    Nicky Jackson says:

    Thank goodness for this! No more panicking! The reassurance of knowing we will get one no matter what is just amazing! Can’t wait for the next one. Just can’t wait to see all the different themes.

  14. Emma Lander
    Emma Lander says:

    So pleased about this! The 1st of the month was always spent Facebook watching for your post. No more stress so I can go back to getting my housework done…actually Rach, maybe it wasn’t such a great idea after all. 😉

  15. Janine Cheshire
    Janine Cheshire says:

    I love getting a monthly surprise box and now having a subscription takes the pressure away as I’m guaranteed getting one. I love LIWL wax and this means I don’t have to think about my orders, I just get a wax delivery each month

  16. sarah foulds
    sarah foulds says:

    Such an amazing idea. I love the fact that I know I have my box safe and secure on the first of the month, rather than going crazy checking every few minutes ! Absolutely brilliant idea Rachel, can’t wait for the Christmas box now ! xx

  17. Alexa Brammer
    Alexa Brammer says:

    I’ve only just discovered your gorgeous website and I want to try it all! I missed the surprise box, but a subscription box will be even better! I’ll get the chance to try different smells I may not have picked myself! Xxx

  18. Denise
    Denise says:

    I am so happy you have started up the monthly subscriptions! It means no more panicking over getting a box on the first of the month and I have never ever been disappointed with the boxes! Can not wait for my xmas Eve one!

  19. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    Rach’s wax is absolutely amazing ? and by signing up to the subscription box she’s taken the stress away from having to be the fastest finger first at the start of the month! I am a Little Ideas With Love addict and proud ??

  20. Louise Day
    Louise Day says:

    Such a fab idea after ordering my first surprise box this month i instantly got addicted and now I don’t have to worry about the rush to get one before they sell out I can now wait excitedly for my monthly box and the amazing scents when the postman passes me the box ?

  21. gramsay542
    gramsay542 says:

    I started following you this year placed a wee order loved every scent that was in the sample pack. Every month I missed out on the surprise box! ?
    I am over the moon to have managed to secure a subscription. Now the big decision for December will be open the box before Christmas or pop it under the tree! ?
    I think I know what will happen , it’ll never see the tree ?.
    Amazing waxes from a wonderful lady Thanks Rach xxx

  22. Jodie Pullman
    Jodie Pullman says:

    Signed up as soon as it went live ??
    Best idea ever, no more more stressing of trying to get on in time. I pay monthly now and the box just comes out to me!
    Happy post, with a smile!
    #waxonwheels #ihaveissues #straightinmybasket

  23. mandy1909
    mandy1909 says:

    Rachel always adds a range of different themes each month, and has now a fabulous LIWL Subscription Suprise Box, which you can guarantee every month arriving to you! The monthly Suprise boxes are uniquely scented, and are very popular with all her loyal and new customers within the LIWL Wax group.
    Gorgeous scented wax melts is lovingly handmade sprinkled with glitter, they all smell fabulous.
    Such a fantastic idea to subscribe. xxx

  24. gillmoore33
    gillmoore33 says:

    I love the fact we can now subscribe. The fragrance of Rachel’s wax is amazing and makes my home smell gorgeous everyday. I signed up straight away ❤️
    Thank you for working so hard ❤️
    Looking forward to my next box ❤️

  25. sallymorrison20
    sallymorrison20 says:

    My first ever purchase was the November Surprise box, it’s amazing! I had a mini panic with how quickly they were going, but I got in there. The subscription idea is great, no panicking to try and nab a box also you’ll never be disappointed with what you’re receiving! I can’t wait to try more scents xx

  26. harrison77
    harrison77 says:

    Received my first order yesterday so new to this. Can see by the comments and popularity of last months surprise box that I have stumbled upon something g very special here. Glad to have joined the community. Think the subscription is a great idea as can’t follow the feeds when at work during the day so missed out last month. Will look to subscribing after Christmas x Thanks

  27. Corrinne Harding
    Corrinne Harding says:

    Everything from Little Ideas With Love is absolutely perfect!
    Now you can guarantee a surprise box through the monthly subscription is just fabulous.
    Every scent is filled with love and the themed boxes are always a beautiful surprise!
    Takes away the stress from the 1st!

  28. Jamie-lea
    Jamie-lea says:

    Such a fab idea, amazing value too! Makes life easier, i don’t need to worry about when the box will go live as it takes that stress away from you 🙂 xx

  29. Claire Lister
    Claire Lister says:

    These are a fabulous idea as the 1st of the month is a highly stressful time…..will I won’t I……refresh refresh. The boxes are lovely, I love how the contents are kept ultra secret until everyone has received their delivery. Rachel goes to great lengths to ensure this happens. ❤❤

  30. clairelouise71186
    clairelouise71186 says:

    Was literally too excited when this was announced. Totally a no brainer for me to sign up. With too Toddlers in the house, these melts once again make my house smell like a hone again and not so much a farm. The surprise boxes keep me in the game ??

  31. Claire Ann
    Claire Ann says:

    Last month I purchased my 1st subscription box and it was wondrous… full of scents I wouldn’t have ordered myself but will definitely be purchasing again. Now I can sign up and not worry about remembering to order next month’s (my ADHD makes this virtually impossible)

  32. Shazza
    Shazza says:

    What’s not to like about this idea anyone who ever tried to get a monthly box before will know how they felt when they weren’t online etc when they went live so missed out, this way if you like the surprise boxes you’re guaranteed one by joining the subscription

  33. Sam Proctor
    Sam Proctor says:

    Got my first sample box last month after receiving it ended up order lots more I’m now a wax melting addict!! The smells are amazing xx

  34. Melissa Ivory
    Melissa Ivory says:

    The subscription boxes are a fantastic idea. They will become a game changer, because everyone can now reserve their own box. Rather than missing the chance, cause you were at work or busy. I can’t wait till I get my first box after Christmas. Well done Rach.

  35. Jane hobbs
    Jane hobbs says:

    Think it’s a great idea but I do love to see if I can be successful just by going in the website and purchase very exciting xx

  36. Connie Davis
    Connie Davis says:

    Love the idea of Subscription boxes!
    I’ve been lucky enough to get a surprise box a couple of times and I love them!
    It’s something for me to look forward too and the wax is amazing x

  37. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    A wonderful idea for my post. I can’t wait for monthly happy post. I can not wait to see what scents and themes you come up with for 2019. I have no other wax in my house!!

  38. Sarah Daykin
    Sarah Daykin says:

    Just love this handmade wax they last forever and my friend always said you house smelt so nice ? so glad I find little ideas with love recommend from a friend ?

  39. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Im so grateful to of been able to get a subscription the panic on the 1st of the month to make sure i got one is over! I love how much love and care goes into all of Rachel’s work uou can feel the love. It’s an evening ritual and a real bonding moment to choose our was scent for the evening with my 3 year old daughter who is a mini wax addict. I cant wait to see what is under my xmas tree!!

  40. Georgina Downings
    Georgina Downings says:

    I haven’t joined this monthly surprise box subscription as I joined the other monthly subscription and can’t afford the both but I’m still happy with what I have got. Love your wax Rachel.x

  41. Tina
    Tina says:

    Great idea! I haven’t ordered a surprise box yet as I have only just put in my first order. I can’t wait to try your was! ? x

  42. Danielle Hall
    Danielle Hall says:

    I cannot wait to receive my subscription boxes! I love the monthly surprise boxes but I hated the panic that ensued trying to ensure I got one, not anymore! I can sit back and relax knowing mine is on it’s way. Thanks Rach! X

  43. Louise Ross
    Louise Ross says:

    Oh my goodness! If you haven’t bought one of these then now is the time to sign up before they run out or you’ll have to wait a WHOLE month for the next one! These are all exclusive, exquisite pots of the most incredible wax you will ever try. So much love goes into them from the name to the scents and colours. Join all the fellow LIWL Addicts, it’s a fun friendly family. ??Xx


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