Car Sprays Fragranced

Car Sprays Fragranced

 Since launching my car sprays last month they’ve been a huge hit! These work really well on fabric upholstery, we do not recommend that our car sprays are sprayed on leather interior due to them being only for upholstered fabric seats and these even work well on carpets, curtains and sofas if using in the house.

All you need to do it a couple of sprays onto your car seat (fabric only) and then the magic will happen. The feedback we’ve had on these has been amazing and we find that our new product is one of the best out there. We use coloured bottles to protect the contents and we highly recommend for each use you shake the bottle before you spray. Each bottle comes in a compostable clear bag, these then can be put on the compost pile or recycle bin, we do recommend you keep your spray in the bag until your bottle is empty. All our bottles can be placed in the recycle bin along with the spray part too. Our products are not tested on any animals and we use products that are also kind to the environment.

We are about to launch 2 new car spray fragrances, can you guess maybe which 2 fragrances these are?

Maybe comment below and have a guess and lets see who gets it right!


I cant wait to see how many do get it right. All will be revealed this weekend………have a very sparkly day!

Love Rachel……x