Paperclip Accessories

Funky paperclip accessories

Have you seen our new range of paperclip accessories? I’ve been busy making these up for my own planner and then thought why not offer them to you too. If your anything like me and love stationery then these are just for you. Each paperclip is made to brighten up your planners. I will be adding to my range with a few other designs, but heres a few for now. The paperclips measure approx 50mm and can vary in colour.

I use them to mark important dates in my diary or upcoming events so that i don’t miss them. If your anything like me you’ll live for your planner and write every single important thing in it. I sometimes need to know whats coming up in the weeks ahead so i mark my pages with these and then i know there’s something important coming up.

They make a great little gift for friends or why not just treat yourself !

Head on over today and take a look.