Handmade Soaps

Good evening!

Over the last 2 weeks i’ve been testing a few of the soaps i stock. I think its really important that i test all products so that when customers ask me questions I’m able to answer them.

I’ve started off with Tree Tree and Lemon. Wow! I remember the days when you washed your face as a child with soap and it went all tight……not this one! I suffer with eczema and have to be really careful what products i use, especially on my face. I’ve been using this soap each night to wash my make up off with and I honestly can’t tell you how amazing my skin looks and feels. With the cold weather my face always seems to suffer and I try assorts to keep it hydrated and looking good. I really think this soap has helped me loads and my skin feels so soft. Next I’m going to try the Aloe Vera soap as again this is really good on sensitive skin.

Have you tried one of my soaps lately, if so which one? I’d love to hear your views on them and to know if you would buy them again. I think if you haven’t tried one yet then it should be next on your shopping list, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.  I honestly think after all these years of not using soap bars i think they are now coming back!


I look forward to hearing your comments………..Rachel x