Weekend Website Top Up

Yep its Saturday, but I wanted to just see who might spot my little weekend blog I’ve decided to do out of the blue……it could happen more often and I feel it’s a great way to connect with many without using my social media platforms.

It’s the weekend and the websites had a little top up! I’ve added some crumbs to the website and one is an exclusive past subscription scent, I wonder who will spot it? I’ve also added a few other scents to the website in both brittles and pods, I’ll hopefully manage to top up again later in the week, but it will depend on how I get on work wise and also getting the scents ready for the August subscription box too. Now if you spot something on the website and you purchased on Friday and you’d like to add to your order, you can do this by messaging my business page with your order number and what you’d like to add to it and I will pick this up Monday morning. I have held back a few wax crumbs from the subscription boxes just in case and as always only one fragrance per customer in the same scent per order, this is to make it fair as I know many love these scents. You might need to checkout to see if you can see in the brittle section a recently new scent that I had only released in wax crumbs.

I’ll be using my blog to post more about my LIWL Crumb Drop and other website tops up’s too, I think it’s a great way to advertise and reach out to many more. I‘ll always still do my Monday evening blog, but from time to time I’ll drop in another blog sometime during the week, especially if I’ve something to share with you all. I‘m also trying to be good and not spend time using social media on weekends as I do find it very hard to switch off from work and can often get carried away looking through my instagram and facebook business pages. This way I can decide if to share to my social media without having to go on it as I can do it direct from my website. I have left my phones upstairs today and iPad to stop temptation and I don’t have my main computer logged into any of my social medias so again I don’t get distracted.

Be sure to carry on interacting within my facebook group, my amazing admin team are around to approve your posts and help with any questions you all may have. Any messages sent to my in boxes will be dealt with Monday once I’m back at work and also if you’ve sent emails these will be dealt with Monday too.

Enjoy your weekend and…….happy melting!

Love Rachel……x

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  1. Gemma Evans
    Gemma Evans says:

    Just spotted the hint on your Instagram post and came over to read! I will remember to check your blog more frequently now 😀 I’ve got used to just checking it Monday’s. Loved the surprise! Have a lovely day xx

    • Rachel
      Rachel says:

      You know me I like to surprise everyone from time to time. My point I’m trying to make is that sometimes social media’s not always the way to connect with people and I want to reach out to many more who don’t actually read my blogs as I feel it’s an amazing way to interact with many people and it’s easy to find things I talk about on my blog than scrolling through social media. The next few weeks there’ll be more surprises. I appreciate every week you comment on my blog, it never goes unnoticed xx

      • Gemma Evans
        Gemma Evans says:

        Blogs are great as you can put in more info and detail which is great. Ooh I shall be sure to keep a lookout. You’re welcome xx

  2. Maria Wall
    Maria Wall says:

    I am going to make sure I check in on your website a bit more Rachel. I love your blogs. I hope you had a good weekend 🙂 xx


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