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Times are a changing at Little Ideas with Love. We are going ‘Back to the Future’.

Our passion, the essence of who we are, lays in the sheer joy of creating the most amazing, fragrant wax melt products possible. We think we’ve nailed it.

Over the last few years we’ve honed our skills, massively broadened our fragrance (and customer) base, moved to use recycled packaging and eco-friendly soya wax, created Limited Edition themed boxes, scoopable wax, wax brittles, a Wax Club Membership Package and all kinds of other advances. Just for you, our loyal customers.

So, our full focus will now be an homage to wax melt fragrances. And delivering you even better service and choice. We’ve taken on board your suggestions, listened to your loves and passions and we’ve kinda come full-circle. Wax to the Max!

It what we do best. Pass the glitter, we’ve got you…

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Check out some recent happy customers!

When I was first introduced to Rach’s wax melts, little did I know it would fast become an obsession of mine!!! The choice of scents is out of this world. The new exciting boxes and surprises she’s always introducing makes you come back time and time again! The love she puts into her business is blatantly obvious and this shines through in her products and from her army of followers!

I would NEVER buy wax from anywhere else ever again. The throw and smells are incredible and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending LIWL to everyone I know xx

Kate P

What can I say, lots to choose from, fragrances that are changed regularly, there is something for everyone. Rach is very helpful, the wax melts whether pods or brittles are wonderfully decorated with glitter, and the smells are to die for. The only warning I need to give is that you very quickly become a ‘wax addict’ … enjoy xx

Jenny O

Post has arrived…… as always everything smells amazing, but went with lemon and lime mojito and love love love my new burner can’t wait until this evening gonna look so pretty!

Tanya T

Trying piña colada for the first time tonight and oh my god amazing, hasn’t taken over my love for coconut and lemongrass but wow, and love my new burner something tells me I like the white or cream colour melts.

Vicki H

The passion and care which Rach puts into every single one of her products honestly shines through. From the handwritten thank you note, to the beautifully packaged parcels, everything really is sent with love. That is before I get onto the actual wax! The quality is absolutely amazing, the scents are perfection and they last ages! My faves are lavender and blackcurrant and liquorice but ask me again tomorrow and I am sure I will have changed my mind ! xx

Sarah F

I’ve always been a wax/candle fan and would burn most days but since being introduced to the wonderful sparkly world of LIWL, I literally cannot go a day without melting. Fantastic products, customer service second to none and I love the fact I’m supporting a sole trader.

Everything thing from start to finish really is made with LOVE.

Claire L

My first delivery from LIWL was through a RAOK.
I was not expecting such a gorgeous, beautifully put together package. Filled with the most amazing scents & finishing touches.
I loved everything about LIWL the products, the care & all the little details.

They make the most perfect gifts too! xx

Gigi D

I’d leave one of my own as I love your melts and I bloody love you, but honestly you have some amazing ones here to pick from already from some absolutely beautiful ladies. It’s already gonna be a hard task.  xxx

Claire C

Received my melts and burner today bought as a surprise by my mam  for Easter, and they did not disappoint! Currently burning captivate, such a lovely relaxing smell  will definitely be buying some more myself soon!!! Xx

Georgia B

Thank you for my melts and burners!
I’ve got piña colada melting in the lounge, cucumber & melon on the landing and sweet Pea in the bedroom! Just deciding what to melt tomorrow in my treatment room!

Harriet B

I’ve tried so many wax melts but Rachel’s are definitely the best ones I’ve tried with an affordable price tag! They smell incredible, they look beautiful and even the way everything is packaged shows the time and effort that goes into every single order. XxX

Tasha S

I was never a massive wax burner but after my first purchase from LIWL I was hooked! The smell fills my house, it smells amazing!
So many fragrances to choose from, there’s something for everyone.
And the Peppermint and Eucalyptus is fab for helping with colds especially for little ones.

Connie D

Look what we got in the post this evening, eeek !!!

Venom burning already smells LUSH… Thanks Rach for excellent efficient service …ordering again soon, real soon xx

Carol J

Yay!!! I’m so happy. I’m ill in bed but my package arriving put a smile on my face now, which one to melt first??? Xx thank you so much Rach, and the little melt family. It smelt amazing before I’d even opened the packets! Xx

Lauren Nicole T

I’ve always been a bit of a wax fanatic, but I’ve never found melts that last a while, and don’t give me a headache. Then I was introduced to Rach’s page LIWL, and I fell back in love with melting. Her melts fill my house and even my partner likes them!!

Rach is amazing and so helpful. Don’t think I’ll ever buy anywhere else!
Thank you!

Jodie L P

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