Hello my lovelies, my name is Rachel and I’d like to welcome you to my home of ‘Little Ideas With Love’. I welcome you as friends to my exciting website of bespoke gifts, crafts and haberdashery for all your loved ones, friends and family, there’s also gifts for the workplace or teachers at school…..and something for all.

I make just about anything for lovely people and their friends and co and do this from my fab little sewing room at home, every now and then I get a little extra help from my son Alfie who likes to check in on the latest items you are requesting and also to provide some artistic advice.  I have strong links locally with accomplished suppliers who have great quality materials at competitive prices, now and then I buy internationally for any special requests.

I can deliver to wherever you or your loved ones live, whether that’s home or away and welcome special requests, suggestions and any questions to create that very special gift to someone out there.

Follow me on twitter @LittlStitche5 and on facebook @LittleStitchesWithLove. I’d really appreciate your support.